About Us



Our mission is to serve people of all shapes and sizes, in a safe non-judgmental environment, while building confidence and equipping our clients and staff with knowledge of pole fitness.




Our vision is to be a leader in the pole dance industry and become internationally recognized as more than just a past time but a respectable location in which you can get a total body workout that is fulfilling, fun and on the cutting edge. 


Core Values



Physical and Mental Strength



Fair Treatment

Celebration of Differences

Tough Love

Discovery of fun through movement


Increased confidence

Body awareness



The Story Behind Pole to Pole


What started as a dream to bring pole dancing to the ladies of Middlesex County, turned into a budding business in a 400 square foot suite located on Main Street in February 2013. After an influx of clients, overwhelming welcome from the community, and request to offer more classes, the need to expand was evident. So, Pole to Pole Fitness acted upon the momentum and moved to a bigger space twice the size of the original. This much bigger space made it possible to offer more classes and encourage even more women to embrace their bodies.


Offering more classes allowed for additional opportunities to help women gain confidence, climb high on the pole and reach their femme fatal. After all, pole fitness isn’t just about doing tricks to get in shape. It’s all about connecting your mind and body with the pole so women can reach full empowerment and become true polers. Our goal is to help women fall more in love with themselves and body with each climb.  


The studio’s unique approach to mold polers has garnered lots of media attention earning mention on several websites and local newspapers. Positive articles and words of praise can be found in Woodbridge Patch, Star Ledger, Home News Tribune, NJ.com, and MyCentralJersey.com


The Founder Behind Pole to Pole


Jennifer Rivera is more than just the founder and pole leader behind the phenomena known as Pole to Pole Fitness. She is a motivator and pole enthusiast.


What started as fun while working out turned into the inspiration to start a studio of her own to give back to the community. After growing up in the inner city of East Harlem and being raised in a single parent home, Jen understood the importance of growing up with strong women around her to build confidence. It only made sense for her to continue her attempt to grow as a person and help other people through her love of pole.


Asides from pole, Jen is in love with progression. She has the pleasure of witnessing women develop improved pole technique, strength and body image right before her eyes. The development hasn’t been one-sided. The passionate pole instructor and owner has learned the importance of doing what you love at every opportunity.


The Future of Pole to Pole


Pole to Pole Fitness shows signs of a bright future. In addition to continuously adding different classes to the schedule, the studio has also broadened its reach to include mature women while dancing to music they grew up with. Pole to Pole Fitness will have the capability to not only help the women of Central New Jersey recognize their potential, but eventually help women all over the country as it becomes the leading pole dancing studio in the US.